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About Us

At Lockwood AG, heavy-duty engineering and a very high build quality ensures our customers receive a product that will provide excellent service for many years.

Lockwood AG - Made in Australia


Proudly Australian made



Manufactured in Kyneton, Victoria with over 25 years of experience to high engineering standards and designed for Australian conditions.

Our History 

Lockwood AG - Manufacturing

For many years the name Dennis Lockwood and Agricultural feed machinery have been synonymous in Australia.

Dennis had been importing Strautmann components since 1992 and building them from the ground up in his Woodend Factory into Feed Mixers and Feed out Carts that are now seen working across Australia.

In 2008, Dennis decided to stop importing and manufacture his own machines built specifically for  Australian Conditions, for example, the feed mixer is now stronger than in previous models with gusseted chassis.

Larger bearings and shaft fitted to the Feedout cart, Lockwood AG offers the Australian farmer a range of high quality products specifically designed for the harsh conditions experienced.

Lockwood AG not only manufacture feed-out wagons, and feed mixer wagons. but also the very popular Wetmore roller mill, the Lockwood Mulch distributor, a knife sharpening tool for honing a fine edge on loader wagon knives. 

Lockwood AG Today

After Dennis Lockwood retired in January 2017 his daughter Annette, having been trained by Dennis, became the new owner.

Annette is currently running the company and has moved it to new premises in Kyneton.

Of course, Dennis is always on hand to advise and chat to the Lockwood AG customers and pops in on a regular basis.‚Äč


Contact us via 0400 812 658 or for prompt, reliable service!

Lockwood AG - Manufacturing ag Equipment in Kyneton, Victoria
Lockwood AG - Manufacturing farm machinery
Lockwood AG - Sale ag equipment
Lockwood AG - ag equipment company in Kyneton, Victoria

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